The Founding of a Nation

News of the Stag Lord’s death reached Restov quickly and the adventurers were summoned to the town’s city hall to discuss their plans of founding a new nation with the mayor, Ioseph Sellemius.

It was decided that the kingdom was to be founded where the Stag Lord’s Fort previously stood. Having decided that, the adventurers prepared the site ready for citcy construction whilst Restov began sending people there to assist in the construction of the kingdom.

Meanwhile, the adventurers decided to explore nearby neighbourhoods to clear out any nearby threats that might be lurking around their kingdom. Whilst exploring they met an eccentric gnome and his maps, an old lady and her scarecrow and encountered a worg and his wolf hunting pack.

Upon founding their kingdom, the adventurers constructed a shrine constructed houses and a shrine nearby dedicated to Calistria.

After several months of work on constructing the city, the adventurers decided to explore Candlemere Tower, located on a small island after being provided the location by Jubilost Narthropple, the eccentric gnome cartographer. What they encountered there were the remains of a ruin and a number of Will-o-Wisps. Although invaded by a number of Will-o-Wisps, the party did not leave empty handed, having learnt that writings on stones around the ruins were written in Aklo and obtaining a special Human Bane dagger.



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