Sausage Fest 4716 was a dismal failure

It is with great shame that I, as Baroness, am forced to write this disciplinary notice to those involved with organising and running the Festival ‘Sausage Fest 4716.’

The people have identified a great number of deficiencies with the event, the list of which is extremely long and could stretch from one end of Ketovan to the other. I will not bother going into detail. We all know mistakes were made. Too many sausages had been imported and too little marketing was conducted to inform certain citizens about the community nature of the event.

It is best that we look to the future, and not to the past. I am striking any record of this event from the official ledgers, lest more people learn about tragedies made anew.

As you have probably seen from the state of Ketephistov, clean-up is ongoing and the stains will likely take at least three more months to purge. I can’t get the smell of roasted bratwurst out of my pavilion and the nation is suffering from a severe pig shortage.

Someone needs to take responsibility. I had preferred that a certain someone would stand up and admit fault, but he has not done this voluntarily. I hereby admonish Bokken for his failings in organisation and am docking his pay for the period of 6 months. I hope he will learn from these errors and adapt accordingly.

Serving the realm,
Baroness Nephele Orvathar.

PS- Can someone begin gathering materials to build an Aviary? I think we need to summon more cleaners.



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